Terms & Conditions

Service Terms for Repair Services

1. Scoop of Service

JP will provide Repair Services (as defined below) to Customer under warranty terms or chargeable basis pursuant to the terms and conditions hereof.

2. Terms of Services

a. “Repair Service” hereinafter shall mean any service that JP renders, upon Customer’s request, to fix the Product or replace certain parts of such Product that is damaged, broken, or malfunctioned. Such Repair Service excludes the restoration of any data stored in any disk, recordable disc, magnetic disc, hard disk or internal memory or memory storage cards contained or included in the Product to be repaired.

b. Upon completion of the Repair Service, the Product shall be reverted in such original configurations and specifications as designed and manufactured by JP.

c. Charges will be applied according to prevailing JP’s regular prices unless warranty or maintenance terms applied, in which case an original purchase invoice with model number listed must be presented upon requesting the Repair Service . Photocopy or fax copy of such documents shall not be accepted. Such charges (except inspection fee as specified in Clause (e)) shall be paid up upon customer’s pick up of the Product. The warranty coverage is judged by JP.

d. Customer agrees to pay JP all charges for its Repair Service and or any other related service such as inspection and adjustment where:

i.     the Product is not covered by any warranty (where any warranty period is expired, or it is within warranty period but Customer’s request for Repair Service is in respect of any consumable items, accessories, cabinets/cosmetic damage or loss to any software programs/data, damage due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or improper voltage supply and / or such other situation as specified in JP’s warranty agreement);


ii.     the Product is modified, altered, installed or repaired other than by JP or JP’s authorized service facilities prior to the Repair Service provided by JP hereunder requested by the Customer.

3.   (e) For those Repair Service which Clause (d) above is applicable, JP shall charge a fixed inspection fee for each item of Product in addition to the charges on labor and parts. Such inspection fee shall be payable upon the Customer’s request of repair service.

f. All charges and inspection fee are required to be paid by cash, EPS, VISA or Master cards and non-refundable.

g. Any defective parts of the Product which are replaced by JP in the course of repairing, if any, shall be JP’s property and non-returnable.

h. JP makes no guarantee to render the Repair Service to such Product including but not limited to such situation that the spare parts and service manuals of which are not available to JP for any reason whatsoever.

i. Should the Product be determined a fake product (JP’s determination shall be final and conclusive), JP shall reserve its rights not to render any Repair Service to the Product but to return the same to the Customer. In such event JP shall not be under any liability to the Customer whatsoever.

j. If Customer request to have JP’s on-site inspection or Repair Service or collection of Products to JP’s repair centre for inspection or Repair Service which is not covered by Warranty Agreement / Extended Warranty Agreement, JP may impose charges for such on-site services at the prevailing rate. All charges are subject to change without prior notice.

k. The Products shall be collected by the bearer of and on presentation of the Repair Order or the Collection Note issued by JP and its holder shall be deemed to the rightful owner of the Products. Should the Customer fail to present the Repair Order or the Collection Note upon collection, JP may reject to deliver the Product to the Customer. This Repair Order and Collection Note remain the property of JP at all times.

l. In case of any loss of the Repair Order or the Collection Note, the Customer are required to come to JP’s Customer Service Centre in person and complete the loss report form. Upon the endorsement of JP confirmation on the said loss report form, JP will conduct a record search to locate the record of the Service and follow up the collection of the Product with the Customer.

m. JP will provide Repair Service on free-of-charges basis for any malfunction of the Product due to the reoccurrence of the same fault caused by the same electronic / mechanical source as prescribed in JP’s report record of the last repair within 90 days from date of the Product collection by Customer.

n. The Customer shall contact JP if no further notice is received from JP 7 days after the Product is sent to JP for service. Any Products left for repair not reclaimed by the Customer within 180 days from the date of the Repair Order or Collection Note may be handled or disposed by JP in any way whatsoever without prior notice to the Customer and JP shall not be liable or responsible to the Customer for such Product or for any losses or damages whatsoever incurred in such event.

o. JP shall not be liable for any losses or damages caused by acts of God, civil commotion, wars, any accidents or any other beyond JP’s reasonable control.

p. JP shall not be under any liability to the Customer and any third party for any direct or indirect losses and damages caused by any unauthorized alteration of damage to the Product or any consequential loss howsoever arise including delay in or failure to provide the Repair Service attributable to any cause of whatever nature beyond JP’s reasonable control.

q. In case the Product contains any memory storage media (no matter external or build-it):

  1. JP shall not be responsible for any loss of data, programs and contents in such disk, recordable disc, magnetic disc, hard disk, internal memory and memory storage cards which may be lost or damaged during repair;
  2. JP will not provide back-up service for the disc, recordable disc, magnetic disc, hard disk, internal memory and memory storage cards of the Product; and
  3. Customer should make back-up copies of the disc, recordable disc, magnetic disc, hard disk, internal memory and memory storage cards before sending the Product to JP for service.


  1. JP Company agrees to provide repair service for the above listed article during the effective period as stated.
  2. Repair service will include the cost of labor, and all replacement parts required for the proper functioning of the mentioned above article but exclude the CONNECTING CORD/ ACCESSORIES and CABINET.
  3. This agreement does not cover labor or materials necessary to repair:
    (a) Damages caused by water, fire, accident, negligence, abuse or misuse, improper voltage input, normal wear and tear, or any unauthorized repair or being tempered with.
  4. Should client's Consumer Electronics product requires repair service, the client shall be responsible for carry-in the unit to one of our customer service centers, and pick up at the same location.
  5. An original purchase invoice with model number listed must be presented upon requesting the Repair Service.