About US

Joule Peak

Joule Peak is a leading brand for electronic accessories committed to become the most trusted and loved brand in the world. We endlessly pursue our goal by offering a wide variety of top quality products and services. By combining and integrating different kinds of mobile technologies; Power Bank, Data Storage, wireless solutions, Joule Peak offers the ultimate mobile experience to our customers. “Joule Peak” is a brand particularly designed for battery-products and JP is designed for others.


The Joule Peak family includes multiple battery sizes and charging capabilities to best fit your devices and your lifestyle. From quick and compact to rugged and robust, these batteries were developed to keep your devices fully charged in any situation.


The JP family aims to develop innovative storage and portable wireless products to enhance productivity of mobile devices.


We have dedicated ourselves to make sure that everyone enjoys Joule Peak and JP products. We take great pride in working passionately to exceed our customers’ expectations each and every time they use our product.



  • Joule Peak will create ultimate value to lead the digital world
  • Joule Peak is to maximize our customer satisfaction by differentiated products



  • Contribute to bring convenient and happier life through the technical innovation
  • Create every add value on the products and lead the ideal business culture and corporate society